Leading with an Open Heart (and My Little Pony)

It’s hard to leave a place where you’ve opened your heart. A coworker in Memphis was fond of saying that if you opened your heart to Memphis, it will open its heart to you, and that felt true during my years there. I was proud of the way Andrea and our girls opened their hearts and found their places in the first American city where we lived for more than an intentionally temporary stretch.

One of the American wonders that struck my heart in Memphis is the school bus. Big and yellow and rumbling, they stop and children get on them, or children get off, backpacks on their shoulders or straggling behind them. I was quite in awe.

I never got to ride a school bus as a child. Now here in Boston, imagine the thrill—for me—that my girls get to ride buses! I’m star-struck. On the first day of school, one lumbered to a stop at the end of our drive, and Ellie got on. A few minutes later, another arrived, and Ava got on.

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