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Autumnal Adventures

We went to New Hampshire!

Now that we live in New England, it’s especially important to get the verbiage right. Not leaf peeking. Leaf peeping. We won’t make that mistake again.

The weather forecasters give gradations of colors and say where to go and when for maximum impression of grandeur. We followed directions carefully (not always our strong suit), which meant a three-hour drive on faith. What if they were wrong? What if we got there and everything was luscious shades of green?

We can get that in our backyard.

But they weren’t wrong, and the experience was everything we hoped for. The weather was cooler, the leaves had turned, and the vistas were bountiful God-given splendor. It’s that time of year when people drive three hours for that kind of thing. Totally worth the three-hour drive.

In a couple of weeks, we’ll go apple picking, because it’s that time of year too.

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