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Dressed to Impress

A few weeks ago, I got let out on my first talk for the Rotary Club. These are busy people, and speakers have a prescribed amount of time. Of course I wanted to represent South Shore Mental Health well, so that morning I pulled my only pin-striped suit off its hanger.

I’m telling you the truth. I looked quite dapper with that thing on.

I had a meeting that morning away from the office and had to go directly from there to the Rotary Club lunch. I got in the car, stretched my right leg, and heard a rip.

You’re cringing, too. I know it.

I had no time to do anything but go directly to the luncheon, where I was meeting Margaret, our director of marketing and development. I didn’t know if she knew it was in her job description to check the CEO’s behind to see what was on view, but she dutifully fulfilled the task. Despite the day being quite warm, I kept my jacket on all during lunch and while I spoke.

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