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They Let Us Back In

Andrea and the girls and I went to the UK a few weeks ago. You might think we wanted to see our families and friends, and I won’t deny that was a nice corollary experience, but as a British citizen living in the US, I felt it was my obligation to undertake an inspection of the new US embassy in London. After all, it had been much in the news a few weeks earlier when the president expressed his opinion that it was in a bad part of town.

I thought perhaps I should don my foreign correspondence hat, venture across the pond, and bring back a first-hand report.

Do you know that new-car smell when you buy, well, a new car? The embassy doesn’t smell like that. But you can still smell the new paint on the walls. And the moat! Does that not conjure up visions of medieval England of yore?

Well, okay, maybe the building is very modern (though it does have a moat).

And maybe I was there because I was more or less required to put in an appearance as part of sustaining my visa status to live and work in the US, which I very much enjoy doing.


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