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I Need a Puppy

We decided to get a new puppy. Some of you are gasping with horror and some with glee. We lost our faithful dog Bailey last year, and it was time.

So we went to a place in Southeast Massachusetts and met the most fantastic woman with puppies. And the puppies looked fantastic. One of them called out to us, and we fell in love. He would be ready to join our household in just a few weeks.

When we came from England, we brought old, well-trained dogs with us. Now we were going to be wiping up pee and picking up poop and training this wee creature to do those things outside. But we were all in.

Will, our other dog, was a bit of a question. Would he accept a puppy? We had visions of him picking up the puppy in his massive mouth and carrying him around. That’s what golden retrievers do. Retrieve things.

In a strange way, the weeks of anticipation of this puppy made all of us feel healthier. Even the thought of something can make you healthier, and I don’t think it’s merely the power of positive thinking. These good things in our heads can make us physiologically healthier.

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