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Of Snow Days and Public Services

Before we moved to Boston, Ellie and Ava heard there might be “snow days.” Actual days off of school because of too much snow! They were very much in favor of this idea. A few weeks ago, they got their wish, when so much of the eastern part of the country saw crazy low temperatures and inches and inches of white stuff from the sky. Around here it was one of the biggest snow storms on record.

Frankly the girls reached a point where they’d had enough. After two days off, they were ready to back to school.

It’s true that the airport had to shut down for a while along with the schools, and I’m sure people who could remain safely at home did. But city crews were out keeping the streets plowed and life went on. The streets were functioning and public services operating. South Shore Mental Health runs a 24-hour service, and everything kept going for the sake of the people we service.

This is public service at its best: people going out of their way to continue services.

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